Essentially, energy is the core of every thing in our material Universe, and every atom of our physical body vibrates at a certain energy frequency. Therefore, the healing process begins at the level of the energy system, and not at the level of the physical body.
The energy system is a matrix of connections of energy meridians that permeate our body. They are the vehicles of our life energy (Chi, Life Force, Prana). By stimulating certain energy active acupuncture points, lying along the energy meridians, we can access our energy and influence it to achieve physical and emotional balance. Thanks to the fact that the somatics and the human psyche are interrelated, acting on one, we can heal another.

Invented in the 1980s by Roger Callahan, energy psychology Thought Field Therapy (TFT) allows you to quickly and effectively heal those injuries that traditional methods of psychotherapy fail. This integrative approach considers both, the body and the energy essence of a person as two parts of one whole. Representatives of the TFT method believe that the imbalance of the energy system of the human body is the basis for all psychological problems. Combining the traditions of modern Western cognitive psychology and traditional Chinese medicine, the methods of TFT are aimed at eliminating this imbalance.
In TFT the thought itself, electromagnetic in nature, is assumed to exist bound in the energy – information field, which is a moving wave of electric and magnetic energy that transfers information. When a person thinks the stressful thought or remembers the traumatic memory he tunes into the energy – information field that is directly connected to their energy system. A perturbed thought field is viewed as a configuration that contains information, which causes specific disruptive effects in one’s energy system and sequentially within the physical body.
Stimulation of certain energy active acupuncture points enables the electrical current moving vigorously in the energy – information field to decode the negative information, and that sends the signal into the limbic system ( the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions: emotions, memories, and arousal / stimulation), that the stressful thought / memory, which a person is holding in their thoughts no longer needs to be a stress trigger. Stimulation of the designated acupuncture points effectively impacts the levels of neurotransmitters and hormones in the body and facilitates the extinction of the association between the stressful thought / memory and the hyperarousal of the limbic system. When a person then thinks again the previously stressful thought or remembers the traumatic memory – the new association to reduced hyperarousal or no arousal of the limbic system is retained.
The very technique of TFT was created thanks to a fluke. Once Dr. Callahan treated a patient suffering from aqua-phobia. The doctor decided, along with traditional methods of psychotherapy, to apply pressure to the acupuncture points on the patient’s body. The result was stunning. The combination of these methods led to an instant cure. It is also important to note that the patient got rid of her phobia forever.

How does the TFT method work?

When a person talks about his psychological problem, focusing on unpleasant sensations the energy psychologist shows him how to stimulate the energetically active acupuncture points by a special method of “tapping” (tapping). The patient then himself stimulates these points with his fingertips or with the help of the Meridian Energy Pen – The Wochuan Acupointer – a convenient way to self-administer Low-Voltage Therapy.

At the very least, most patients testify that tapping energy points, in parallel with a troublesome story or problem pondering, gives instant relief. Some techniques of psychotherapy work at lightning speed: they allow solving certain problems in a few minutes. They are simple and accessible to almost everyone. Moreover, it is believed that the effect of energy psychotherapy will continue forever. Long-standing practice shows that TFT is successful in 80-97% of cases. In fact, now TFT is effectively used to solve any psychological problems. A big advantage of TFT is that it can be used not only in isolation, but also in conjunction with other psychological techniques. It is believed that TFT is one of today’s leading methods.